Animal Cruelty And The Grand Tour – What This Means For The Show
Source Animal rights activists have hit out at The Grand Tour for trivialising the “killing” of animals for entertainment. Episode five of the Amazon Prime show, which started streaming on December 16, saw former Top Gear presenters Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May head over to Morocco and... Read more
What Was So Unexpected They Had To Wrap Up The Show?
In an outtake clip for ‘Moroccan Roll’, which can be watched on Amazon Prime, the former Top Gear trio are seen relaxing in the desert with snacks and beverages.Jeremy Clarkson explained that something unexpected had just occurred, which had meant they had to wrap up at lunchtime.  He said:... Read more
Richard Hammond’s lucky escape on The Grand Tour
When Jeremy , James and I decided to take a road trip across the Namib desert in southern Africa, we thought, easy. We are well travelled. We can handle anything. In actual fact, it was like joining the Foreign Legion. There was an endless string of calamities. The desert... Read more
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James May Talks About Clarkson’s Airport Altercation
Have you heard what James May has to say over the famous airport altercation?  We have it here.  Whats your thoughts on the interview? Do you think they have made the show different enough?  What is your thoughts on the new and the old Top Gear? Do you think... Read more
Jeremy Clarkson: ‘The Grand Tour doesn’t matter – I’ll be dead soon’
Jeremy Clarkson‘s many fans might be excited about his new Amazon Prime show, but the presenter has said it “doesn’t matter” whether The Grand Tour is a success. “The stakes are lower. I’m now 56, it doesn’t really matter anymore, because I’ll be dead soon,” he told Newsweek magazine. Although Clarkson claims... Read more
The Count Down Is On!!!

The Count Down Is On!!!

News November 7, 2016 0

What Does £160 Million Buy?  It Buys The Grand Tour!
The petrolhead will rejoin Richard Hammond and James May for new car show after being sacked from Top Gear for allegedly punching a producer SOME say Jeremy Clarkson isn’t bitter about his break-up with the BBC. All we know is, he’s coming back to our screens on with a bang on... Read more
Will The BBC Shut Down The Grand Tour
Jeremy Clarkson has described how the format of his new show was shaped by a fear of being sued by the BBC if they imitated Top Gear. The presenter said that dozens of potential names for The Grand Tour were rejected for being too similar to his former programme,... Read more
The Must Watch Interview

The Must Watch Interview

News October 30, 2016 0

The old Top Gear trio of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May are finishing up their traveling tour that makes up the studio element of their new Amazon Prime show, The Grand Tour. The good news is that once that’s finished, they’re going to immediately jump into the... Read more